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Contracting PLUS is Ireland’s leading provider of accounting, compliance and tax services to Independent Professional Contractors operating in Ireland. We provide both Umbrella Company (Managed Service Company) and Personal Service Company solutions for thousands of Independent Contractors and Freelancers working with both indigenous and multinational companies across the island of Ireland.

We not only provide traditional forms of accounting solutions, but we are also at the forefront of technology with bespoke software giving contractors access to their accounts 24/7/365, online and on their phone. Our technology was the winner at the 2020 Accountancy Awards for the Best use of Technology in Accountancy & Finance for End Users.

Contracting PLUS have always been an advocate for independent professionals. We understand the nature of the industry. We provide smart, simple, compliant solutions designed exclusively for independent professionals.

Professional contractors are a significant and rapidly growing group of individuals who are highly skilled and make a valuable contribution to the Irish Economy.

Despite the company’s exceptional growth over the last 20 years we have retained a local business feel and keep things simple for the contractors which is something we continuously work at.

Contracting is a career way of working for many, but it can also be a temporary option for others who want to gain project experience with companies where they might not otherwise have the opportunity. We’re there to ensure all contractors, regardless of experience, age or tenure, remain tax compliant and fully insured throughout their contracting career.

Why work with us

Trust and Service Commitment

We work with and are trusted by all the leading Irish recruitment agencies to provide our suite of contracting services to their professional contractors. We are known for our professionalism, attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Scale and Expertise

We are the Market Leader in Ireland and currently provide accountancy solutions and services to thousands of professional contractors every year in industry sectors such as IT, Engineering, Pharma, Medical and many other professional services.

Compliant Solutions

Companies want assurances the independent contractors they engage with are paying the right taxes and have adequate business insurance cover. We give that assurance. We are experts in tax and compliance for independent contractors and have a detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation, tax law and codes of practice for self-employed independent contractors.

20 Years’ Experience

Contracting PLUS was founded in 2002 and is staffed by qualified accountants, tax professionals and payroll specialists. Our success in business over the 20 years is based around our philosophy of building strong working relationships and always being to the forefront of developments in taxation and independent working.

How we can help.

  • Advice on engaging contractors compliantly
  • Ensuring correct tax status for your self-employed independent contractors
  • Provision of tax compliant and insured Umbrella Companies (Managed Service Companies) in Ireland
  • Setting up new Personal Limited Company / Personal Service Company
  • Transitioning from Umbrella Company to Personal Limited Company
  • Accounting & Tax services for the self-employed professionals you engage
  • Payroll service
  • Personal Tax Advice Service
  • Tax compliance for Contractors
  • Tax relief and benefits for contractors
  • Legitimate expenses for contractors
  • Invoicing and personal tax management for contractors
  • Payroll & Tax solutions for professional contractors
  • Relocating to Ireland as a Contractor

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